Netu Services: Car Rentals in São Tomé Island.

– Rent-a-Car in São Tomé city center.
– Business cars, offroad vehicles, holiday cars.
– Self drive or with driver.
– Including insurances.
– Well maintained, safe and comfortable.


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About the Netu Service

São Tomé Island is the perfect location to discover in self-driving holidays: There are three main directions to go: North or South on the circular road covering the area between Santa Catarina (in the West) to Porto Alegre (in the East and South). Or inward to Trinidade and the mountains.

If you are for business, you will need a proper car, as it is hot, and not any other reliable option avaible. Netu Service has the right car at your disposal: Offroad vehicles, business limosines, mini buses or even motorbikes.


4×4, limosine, mini bus or motorbike.
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Netu Service Car Rentals
Hotel Agôsto Neto
Avenida Amilcar Cabral, São Tomé City
Postal address: Hotel Agôsto Neto, Caixa Postal 664, São Tomé, São Tomé e Príncipe.
Tel. 00239-2226728, Fax 00239-2224555

GPS data: 0°20’18.58”N, 6°44’10.77”O