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This is the section, we are publishing news from São Tomé and Hotel Agôsto Neto. Check back regularly to read about new services, special offers, discounts, trourism related information or the latest trends from São Tomé. If you have any questions concerning Hotel Agôsto Neto, dont hesitate to contact us.

Beach Holidays In São Tomé

Beach holidays in São Tomé

Beach of the Seven Waves, Beach of the Tamarind Trees, Micondó Beach, Jalé Beach and many more offer a perfect holiday experience. Most of them are as secluded that you will be allone, some are used by fishermen, some attract sunseekers from the city.

Business Opportunities In São Tomé

Business opportunities in São Tomé

São Tomé is growing and attracting investments. A second mobile phone operator is now working. The main banks are renewed. A variety of art fairs, trade fairs, music and fashion shows are open during all months of the year. A regional Unicef headquarter is situated here and major crude oil reserves are expected off-shore. Hotel Agôsto Neto offers a clean and secure base for your business trip as well as car rentals.

Increased São Tomé Flight Connections

Increased São Tomé flight connections

More and more direct flights from Europe and Africa: São Tomé Airport (TMS) is now connected 4 times a week to Lisbon (Portugal) with TAP Portugal and/or STPAirways and/or Euro Atlantic Airways. Additionally, São Tomé has direct flights to Luanda (Angola), Accra (Ghana), Libreville (Gabon), Lagos (Nigeria), Praia (Cape Verde) and Malabo (Guine Equatorial).

Airport Transfer For Hotel Agôsto Neto Clients

Airport transfer for Hotel Agôsto Neto clients

Avoid the crowds! Hotel Agôsto Neto offers to all clients with confirmed reservations airport transfer. You will be in save hands from the moment you arrive. Airport transfer can be arranged at arrival as well at departures. Please contact Hotel Agôsto Neto to make your reservation.


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